Friday, July 12, 2013

Recueing Horses - Finding Trust

Well it has been since mid April that Annie's Hope, Courage and Heath Bar were rescued by Solid Rock Therapeutic Riding Services. 

As you may remember, our family had been looking for projects to help surviving families and returning veterans who suffer from PTSD as a result of the the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars.

We looked into equine therapy as it appeared to be very successful for veterans with PTSD and Melissa and I have thought it might be a benefit for surviving families from these enduring wars.  Over the last several months, Melissa and I have been in training with Shannon from the ranch.

To start, you have to understand, I am petrified of horses. They are big and intimidating. What I have learned so far is this is an adventure in finding trust. It is about me learning to trust them as the horses are learning to trust me. Trust is a hard thing to find when you are broken by life whether you are a broken horse or  person.

Th good news is that I am learning to trust these big, 1,500 lb beauties and they are learning to trust me. The last couple of times, I have been grooming Heath Bar. The first time I entered his stall  when he first arrived at Solid Rock, I was jumping out of it as soon as I entered as he pinned his ears back and came at me and was going to bite my hiney.

We have come a long way since that time. I can groom him and I attempt to pick his hooves. That is a challenge, but I am making progress. They reality is I find peace when I am there. I see why this is a good thing for hurting people and I am blessed to be part of this adventure. I hope others will find this experience as well in the future as the horses progress in their healing and learn to find trust as well.