Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Have Faith. Keep Talking.

Recently I had the opportunity to interview a World War II Pearl Harbor survivor. Needless to say, it was an honor to share his story on the cable show I was hosting, The Military Connection. During the interview, I asked him what he would say to encourage our returning Iraq and Afghanistan veterans. I was caught off guard by his simple, yet poignant response, "Have Faith. Keep Talking."
His message inspired me to keep the faith and to keep talking. Over the last three years, I have been undergone experiences that silenced me and shook my faith.
Following the debacle at Arlington National Cemetery. Melissa and I filed a complaint against with the Inspector Generals Office of the Department of Defense. They passed it to the Inspector Generals Office of the Army. Can you imagine that, the Army investigating the Army since Arlington National Cemetery is under the perview of the Army. Picture it like this. Can you imagine Enron investigating Enron following their scandalous corporate corruption? Exactly. It does not make sense. Again the good thing is we allowed this information to become part of public information under the Freedom of Information Act. Yes, now anyone can review our family's allegations of corruption with the Army and Arlington National Cemetery.
Just like that World War II veteran said, Have Faith. Keep Talking  I once was not in a position to talk but I am now stronger and I am breaking this silence. Over the last two years, I have been recording my thoughts and these will now be released in a book, Gold Star Father. Honoring a Hero. Remembering a Son. Writing this book has been a hard and theraputic. It has also made me angry and brought me hope. I hope you will be inspired as I share my solemn journey over the last six years.
I am no longer going to be silent and will begin to post again in my blog.   I ask for your continued support and prayers as I move ever slowly forward.

Semper Fi,
Scott Warner
Gold Star Father