Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Ulimate Desecration of Honor and in the end Honor is Restored by the Marines

It is early Sunday morning and I am still at a loss of how to put my arms around the events that took place at the disinterment of our son Heath.

I am going to break my thoughts in two sections, 1. The Ultimate Desecration of Honor and 2, Honor is Restored by the Marines.

The Ultimate Desecration of Honor

All I can say is please the following article by Mark Benjamin from

Honor is Restored by the Marines

What ever honor was stolen from our son by the administration of Arlington National Cemetery it was restored by the Marines. Thank you Gunny Sgt. Dixon. What most of you do not know was four years ago, Gunny Sgt. Dixon was in charge of his first Honor Guard burial of Pvt, Heath Warner. He was faithful again to his Marine brother inspite of Arlington's resistance. Your placing the flag on Heath's casket after it was disinterned and placed on the flat bed truck was only the beginning. Your continued presence through the day was a comfort to Melissa and myself.

I will never forget how you stood with Melissa and I after Heath's remains were placed in a new casket, how you comforted Melissa. You placed each new dog tag before me as if it was a precious jewel and buried him again with the dignity and honor. I will treasure that flag like a priceless diamond. Actually, it is more precious than is the blood, sweat and tears of freedom.

You watched the horrific events of the day and I know you will do the right thing with this information.

Semper Fi!


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