Tuesday, September 14, 2010

From the Diary of a Mad White Man Part II

Yesterday Congressman Boccieri's office coordinated a conference call between Kathryn Condon, her legal counsel, Arlington's Superintendent and myself.

It was an absolutely contentious phone conference. Kathryn did her best to massage her prior conversations with me and would try to make things that she wanted were my suggestions. For the record, I did make statements countering her statements and at one point I told her she was a big fat liar and that what she was saying was not true and to prove it I had recorded the conversation.

In the end, we were finally to finalize the arrangements for the disinterment.

My observation is whatever administrative and leadership skills Kathryn Condon brings to the table for helping Arlington, she lacks the understanding of dealing with a bereaving family. These are not skills she can learn on the fly. My recommendation is they terminate her as fast as they can.

I have a busy day as we are getting ready to head out to Arlington. I will update my blog as this unfolds. God Bless, Scott

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  1. Hi Scott. I'm Mark Benjamin, the reporter who broke the Arlington story in a yearlong investigation. Stories here:

    I've got your son's burial paperwork. It seems in order.

    Also, I'd like to come to Arlington tomorrow if it is okay. Please let me know. 202 302-3769.